Exhaust system

Exhaust system

The simplest solution in the paper mill is to suck the rewinders of the rewinders by fan and blow them directly into the pulper.

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The simplest solution in the paper mill is to suck the rewinders of the rewinders by fan and blow them directly into the pulper; this operation, however, has many disadvantages: in addition to the trimmings, in fact, a considerable amount of air is also inserted which naturally tends to vent upwards, creating problems with the passage of paper on the continuous machine.

Pipes in pulper
To overcome this problem we have modified the way of unloading the trimmings in the pulper: the trimmed transport pipes have been connected to our aerodynamic separator, positioned on the machine floor, complete with self-supporting structure, access ladder and side walkway necessary to carry out in complete safety inspections, checks and maintenance.

Once inside the separator, the trimmers fall due to gravity inside an unloading hopper made in the upper part in painted FE and in the final part, to avoid corrosions by the fumes, in stainless steel AISI 304 and then be transported inside of the pulper.

The size of the sub-machine (pipes, raceways, beams ...) did not bother us, because with our solution we made the connection to the pulper with an inclination of just 3 °.

Filter deduster
The air introduced into the separator is sucked by a balancing fan, connected to an inverter so as to optimize the flow, which transports the dust inside a filter dust collector complete with polyester gripped fabric sleeves of 500gr / mq and sized for a speed crossing of 2m / s, respecting those that are the parameters indicated in the UNI 11304-1. The sleeves are constantly cleaned by a back-pressure washing system which drops the powders into the discharge hopper where there is an auger with an iris system (which presses the powders slightly) and then bag them directly. This system avoids the operation of emptying containers usually placed under the filter hoppers and allows the sack to be replaced even when the system is operating. In case of greater production, one can opt for the installation of a briquetting machine that reduces dust volume up to 75%.

The balancing fan is placed downstream of the filter so as to keep it all in depression without dust spills and by passing only clean air into the fan.

All our appliances are made of painted FE, equipped with access ladders and guardrails to operate in safety and the fans are all running with antivibration transmission both on the suction mouth and for fixing to the ground.

Each system is sized each time and is implemented with the latest innovations and improvement solutions adopted on the previous ones so as to make them unique and increasingly performing.