Scrap management: win with substance

The breakthrough that led to success came from a courageous decision.

Slim and flexible, New Aerodinamica has focused on R&D and service with determination. Today its plants for the suction of paper waste, plastic materials, aluminium and dust are appreciated worldwide for their efficiency, durability and reliability. Here is why.

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The breakthrough that led to success came from a courageous decision. What all the manuals advise but nobody does, because the risk is great. In the recent dark years of the crisis Paolo Radaelli, owner of New Aerodinamica founded, by his father in 1984, found himself at a crossroads: «Compete in terms of prices, as others have done, removing quality to stay within the costs, or give more, do better, make better products. We made the latter choice, with criterion and without recklessness. And we were right», says the entrepreneur. Criterion and method are the hallmark of this Bergamo- based company, small but structured and active on a global scale. «We have invested consistently in R&D, developing many individual innovative and performing components over time that, all put together, have revolutionized our offer, both visually and in terms of performance, in addition to sturdiness and reliability, also reducing maintenance needs. On average, it's true, our equipment costs a little more, but users are so satisfied that we owe most of our development, in Italy and abroad, to word of mouth».

The concrete difference in technology

«Our fans- explains Radaelli - are controlled by an inverter. We design them by looking at the needs of the operators and the man-machine mode of using them, but also to how technologies evolve, to create cutting-edge systems that are integrated into small companies as in large 4.0 concerns. And, if you look closely, they are different from all the others». It is not easy to explain this difference, made up of a sum of many different elements that only a technician can fully appreciate. «Our fans, for example - explains the entrepreneur - have belt drives: unlike the others, the motor is not directly coupled to the impeller and this ensures the "right" turns with constancy. Furthermore, the engine bases are cushioned, preventing the wear of belts and bearings and greatly extending the life of these components, and the cutting blades are mounted on the fan impeller, reducing the spread of dust. The lubricator is not disposable but recyclable, allowing greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness of lubrication ... and much more. These individual components, together with the basic philosophy based on the aspiration of dust, make it possible to achieve the objectives of cleanliness and healthiness of the workplace, which are the basis of any paper mill or converter, with a higher effectiveness than standard».

New Aerodynamics - What we do and how we do it

Paper mills, box factories, paper converting, aluminium, plastic and non-woven film converting and processing, bindery work: to effectively manage the problems of industrial waste and trimmings, but also of the dust generated during the processing cycle, polluting the product and the working environment, with maximum efficiency and efficiency, New Aerodinamica supplies ad hoc systems and equipment. These are ventilation and dust filtration systems with the necessary equipment, soundproofing booths and special units. The Bergamo-based company (their headquarters is in Casazza, near Lake Iseo) has established itself above all for the technology and quality of its plants, but also for its ability to propose the right solution for each user, for its immediate service and for its organization and working method based on flawless professionalism. After the preliminary analysis and the feasibility study on the basis of in-depth field surveys, the design is carried out with the aid of advanced 3D CAD systems with full rendering of the surfaces and realistic simulation of the movements. The production complies with the most stringent quality standards, including structurework and varnishing, according to detailed protocols and in full compliance with prevention and safety regulations. Every detail is also taken care of during shipping, where each item is packed, coded, complete with packing list and assembly carried out by specialized personnel, provided with all the required certifications both for the use of lifting equipment and for work on high.

The "right" organization

New Aerodinamica has a streamlined central structure, made up of only 7 super skilled people, with a dense network of satellite companies specialized in different aspects of workmanship and service, so as to be able to draw on the highest professional skills in all mechanical and electronic components. Customers - paper mills, paper converting and pulp, plastic and aluminium material converters, but also builders of plants on which fans and vacuums are mounted - are Italian, American, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Australian and from various European countries. Exports today amount to 35% of our total turnover but are growing steadily, supported by "technical" sales, managed directly by the company, and by the capacity and timeliness of a service that brings updated skills and tools, including remote supervision of the most complex systems.