For this 2019 – no more dust!

New Aerodinamica

A company from Bergamo which is leader in the design and production of aspiration plants – has enhanced its know-how to eliminate dust at every stage of the production cycle.

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The latest die-cutting machineries and  the line printers use a vacuum-based system to transport  the cardboard sheets. Through a set of fans and aspiration belts, the sheets are transported along the production plant which cuts the requested size and simultaneously applies the graphics. During the transport , the fans aspire both the dust deposited on the sheets and that produced while processing.  The dust is then blown out in the surrounding working area. As a result, the entire working area is contaminated by the dust and the printing quality is worse because of the dust accumulated on the printing machine, particularly  in the vacuum-based transportation circuit.

Therefore, New Aerodinamica has developed two possible solutions. The first consists of a centralised aspiration plant with a fan and a filtering anti-dust system. A few openings are inserted in the circuit in order to eliminate the problem of manual blowing operations, which are hard and heavy,  and secondly avoid the use of those big and inefficient aspiration drums.

Just to make an example. The last project covered a surface of 100mt with 15 aspiration spots working three at a time. An inverter and a pressure switch were also integrated to maximize the energy flows and consumptions according to the distances of the working parts.

The second solution consists of channelling all the outputs of the vacuum-based fans out of the production sites. For this operation a special  network was installed to connect the fan outputs. It was  then  set on a manifold  and put under depression by a 3-4KW fan. This solution does not alter the correct functioning of the vacuum-based fans, so the transport of the sheets  is not jeopardised, not even in difficult situations such as remarkable speed or weight.

Thanks to these two solutions the plant is cleaner and this is a great advantage for both the workers, who can operate in a healthier environment, and the final product whose quality gets higher.