New Aerodinamica: in the Service of Quality

A collaboration born in the 80s

New Aerodinamica has designed a series of ad hoc solutions for ICO, a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard for 65 years.

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The title of this article can sound as a claim, but it works if we want to talk about the meeting point between New Aerodinamica and ICO – two main leaders of Italian productivity.

The former – which blows out its 35 candles this year – has walked a path towards the summit in the last few years, expanding its borders beyond the so-called “Bel Paese”. Along the way, it was able to develop and spread worldwide. The latter instead ranks among the leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard, thanks to its 65 years-long experience where efficiency, quality, speed, punctuality, planning ability and versatility always played an essential role. These qualities unequivocally identified both companies and brought them together to become part of a story about INDUSTRIAL ASPIRATION SYSTEMS.

And it is a story of collaboration. Yes, because when you have to supply more than 2,000 customers who choose your cardboard boxes all over the world every day, you absolutely need to rely on top-range waste suction systems. This requirement was essential for ICO. It must be pointed out that ICO received a list of important certifications including FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), which assures the respect of forests and allows the final customers to recognize the products manufactured with recycled raw materials with a low environmental impact or coming from forests managed with a sustainable and responsible approach. Besides, it received the management systems standard SA 8000.
These two results could be achieved because of the environmental respect in the choice of not only the materials used for the packaging, but also of customized machines of the plants, specifically designed to meet the needs of the company. And this is where New Aerodinamica came into play.

Thanks to a preventive study of ICO's needs, New Aerodinamica has built various aspiration systems over the years, which work very quickly and with the highest precision.
More specifically, the first need arouse in the 1980s when New Aerodinamica took part to the installation of a highly efficient industrial suction system in Sambuceto. The result was so positive that New Aerodinamica won the trust of the customers who did not hesitate to recontact it to solve the serious problem of poor printing quality as well as the presence of colour coverage imperfections caused by dust in the printing machine, more precisely in the vacuum transport circuit. New Aerodinamica built a suction and blowing system which could reduce the dust inside the production machine to 80%.
Moreover, the company was able to build an aspiration plant on a corrugator which maximised the production in a short time. Ventilation evacuations were also carried out on the same corrugator with Ø1000mm pipes. Therefore, it was necessary to make the installation process easier and reduce the space for the installation.

New Aerodinamica found the solution to this problem by studying ad hoc every single step and connecting the fiberglass roofings together to protect the sealing against bad weather. A successful operation completed in such a short time that it could satisfy the staff of New Aerodinamica, as well as the ICO’s handlers.