Suction of binders.

Material collection

Each machine has its own shape and functionality and generates waste from completely different shapes and sizes. Before aerating efficiently, it is essential to make aerodynamic hoods and nozzles that ensure the homogeneous and effective collection of the material.



The original tearing fan is able to suck waste from multiple processing lines.



Nothing is left to chance ... New Aerodinamica has conducted accurate market research by selecting the best suppliers in the industry to ensure the supply of the best materials. The transport pipes are top of the range in painted iron or stainless steel, depending on the installation. This type of pipes, in addition to having higher thicknesses, sealing joint systems and being completely smooth inside greatly improve flows, performance and eliminate any risk of blockage of material.



The transported material is discharged through aerodynamic separator sized for the total volume of air, this equipment works without the aid of mechanical sealing elements as it is kept in perfect balance with balancing fans.



The dust coming from the separator or directly from production machines is filtered through dust collectors specifically designed for the volume of air required and complying with the legal regulations regarding sizing, choice of filtering fabrics and control systems. All our filters are equipped with access ladders, parapets and emission control points according to the regulations in force.


Some of our achievements